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HTC Hero


VersionRelease DateDescription of Enhancement/Fix

Software - 2.32.651.2

Firmware - 2.1 Eclair

• Correct a non-customer impacting issue (device diagnostics)
• MMS issue with contact number format
• Updated Sprint Zone application

Discuss it here


Software - 2.31.651.7

Firmware - 2.1 Eclair


• Dialer Sluggishness

Discuss it here

Software – 2.27.651.6
Firmware – 2.1 Eclair
6/6/2010• Minor security flaw with Android Eclair 2.1
Software – 2.27.651.5
Firmware – 2.1 Eclair

• Upgraded operating system to Android 2.1 Eclair

• Enhancements to sense user interface (UI)

• Enhanced corporate email support

• Minor fixes

Discuss it here

Software – 1.56.651.2
Firmware – 1.5

• Performance improvements - camera picture quality, SMS, Bluetooth, and dialer


• Mute and speaker buttons added to talk screen

Software – 1.29.651.1
Firmware – 1.5
10/11/2009Initial Release

Important Notes

1.  Software updates are pushed by HTC to your device in stages.  If you do not see an update available on your phone

    immediately, it may still be in HTC's queue to be pushed.  This can sometimes take a week to 10 days.

2. In some cases, the software may be available via download on Sprint and/or HTC's site.  Installing via this download method

    will delete all data on your phone.  Contacts that have not been synced to an email account, text messages that have not been

     forwarded, saved voicemail messages older than 5 days, voicemails older than 20 days that have not  been listened to,

     and call history, will all be lost.  The calendar and email settings will also revert back to factory settings.  Picutres, music,

    videos, and files should be stored on your microSD card; the microSD card should be removed before updating your phone.

Update your software

To update your Hero over the air:

    1.  Go to All Applications

    2.  Tap Settings > About Phone > System Updates > HTC Software Update

    3.  Select Check Now

    4.  Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the update

    Note: If the HTC Software Update is not visible on your phone, continue to the computer download instructions below.

To update your Hero through computer download:

Before you start the download, make sure:

  • You back up your data
    • To save important text messages, forward them to an email address:
      • Tap the Applications tab and then tap Messaging
      • Select the text message you want to save and hard press it; you will see a menu to Forward the
    • Any installed applications downloaded from the Android market must be re-installed. To re-download
      • Tap the Applications tab and then tap Market
      • If prompted, sign in with your Google account credentials
      • Tap My Downloads
      • You will see paid applications in the list shown
      • Take  note of the free applications on your phone, as they will have to be  searched for again
                and downloaded manually after the update
  • Your Hero has a fully-charged battery
  • You have the USB data cable that came with your Hero
  • You have closed all running applications on your computer and disabled standby and hibernation modes
  • You have installed HTC Sync on your computer
    • Go to HTC's support site
    • Click on the Download link for HTC Sync
    • Select Run in the dialog box and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation

    1.  To download the update software, go to our HTC Hero download site

    2.  Download the RUU ROM Update Utility and save it to your computer desktop

    3.  Double click the .exe file and click Run in Windows XP or Yes in Windows 7

    4.  On the Welcome Screen, be sure to read the caution message and Read Me file; check the box next to

         I understand and click Next

    5.  On the next screen, follow the steps listed and click Next

    6. You will see the message Verifying information on your Android phone. Please wait…

    7.  Once  the verification is finished, you will see current information about  your Hero such as model ID,

         image version and language; click Update to proceed

    8.  The screen will show information about the update; to continue, click Next

    9.  You will receive a confirmation message that you are ready to update your Hero and the approximate

         time it will take; click Next to begin the update installation. Note: It is   very important that you do not

         remove the USB cable or launch any programs during the update


  10.  The update is complete when you see the message Congratulations! Your ROM update has been

        completed. Your Android phone is now ready for use.; click Finish to exit

  11.  Your Hero will reboot and be ready for set up

Check the software version on your phone
    1.  From the Home screen, press Menu

    2.  Select Settings > About phone > Software information

    3.  The software version will be listed in the format and the firmware version will be listed

         in the format x.x

    4.  To return to the Home screen, select the Back key twice

Note:  Comments are restricted on this blog.  Please post any comments under the thread for the specific

        mainenance release.

[added Important Notes section]


HTC has expanded their offering of support resources so you can make the most of your Hero phone!  You should check out their product support page for the Hero - it has dozens of frequently asked questions and good answers.

They've also opened a new discussion forum specific to the Hero on the Sprint network.  While there's not much traffic there yet, and I haven't seen any direct information from HTC, it's another avenue to find out ways to make your wireless experience the best it can be!  We've added a widget to the Overview page showing the last five posts from the HTC forum, so you can see what's going on over there too.


Just downloaded an app, MyMemo, from the Android Marketplace.  Amazingly cool app - lets you create text, voice, drawing and photo notes and email them around. However, the audio recorded on the phone is in the 3GPP spec AMR-NarrowBand (AMR-NB), which not much can play back.  At least nothing on my Mac (VLC, QT7, QTX).

The folks at VLC say that AMR-NB is patent-encumbered so there's not much support.  They did point out one third party alternative software that can transcode your 3GPP audio and video files into something you can play back on your Mac or PC, Mobile Media Converter

Mobile Media Converter appears to be safe, with no spyware, adware or trojans on the Macintosh version. It's simple to use, appears to support a wide variety of oddball 3GPP formats and outputs to most popular video and audio formats.  You can use it to transcode the videos or audio off your phone to standard MP4 or AVI files.  Appears you can even use it to grab the FLV video files from YouTube.  It's a plain little interface but it works. Check the screenshot for the UI and list of supported codecs.

You can directly download Mobile Media Converter from  - just choose your platform: Windows, Linux, or Mac



THIS IS THE SAME INFO SARAH POSTED! No new update has been released.  She just left me in charge for the weekend, and well, I'm out making duplicate posts.

Just reposting as a blog post 1) cause I'm lazy, 2) there's a bug in the forum code that is keeping 'stickied' threads from being stickied, and 3) blog posts have better SEO.

A software update is available for the HTC Hero.

You can initiate the update from the Settings, About Phone, System updates, Firmware update.

Feature Updates and Enhancements

HTC Hero Software Enhancement SW 1.56.651.2 provides feature updates and enhancements to address the following:
•    Improvement to camera picture quality
•    DST (Daylight Savings Time) issue addressed
•    Unable to receive SMS due to full memory
•    Memory leak when Bluetooth is in connecting state
•    3.5mm mono when not using headset with mic
•    Dialer application causing excess battery draw

Important note:  Dedicated Mute/Speaker buttons have been added to the Talk screen

Verification of updates:
To verify you have the updated build after the update:
1.    Press Menu, Tap Settings
2.    Flick Up, Tap About Phone
3.    Scroll up and check Software version: After update 1.56.651.2


Sprint is offering a series of training events targeted at business customers for the Hero by HTC.  While this event is targeted at Business customers, anyone is welcome to dial in.

The Sprint DSS Technical Trainers welcome you to learn to touch your way to features, programs, and information on your HTC Hero™. We will show you how to access and manage multiple email accounts and create a phone that’s just right for you. Join us in one of our HTC Hero training sessions where we will go over basic setup, use, and a series of tutorials on device functionality.

The training is every day, starting at 3PM Eastern time  (GMT -4).  See the attached PDF file for more information, how to register and how to connect.


There's been quite a bit of discussion here and on other sites about the network indicator not showing RevA, but only showing Rev0.  We just got word back from the product team - it's a visual display bug.

We recently discovered that Sprint's HTC Hero is showing a static message which reads CDMA - EVDO Rev.0 in its status settings whether or not the device is on Rev A speeds. In most cases, the device is performing on Rev A speeds even if the message reads Rev 0. This UI message error is not impacting the performance of the device in any way and will be corrected with the next maintenance release.

This jives with the speed test results posted in our forums - customers and employees are seeing full RevA speeds (1400kb/sec, sub 200ms ping times).

Sorry for the hassle - but we're on it and it'll be fixed soon.

Thanks for your interest!



After playing with the Hero for a few days, folks at Sprint came up with a few questions - not many really; it's a boring phone and just works.  (boring phone is boring - and amazingly functional)

What happens when I power the phone on?

  • When you turn on the phone for the first time, you are provide a touch screen tutorial and you will be given options to let you quickly set up various accounts, such as Google Account, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and other email accounts.

Do I need a Google account to buy apps from the Android Marketplace?

  • Yes, you must have or create a Google account in order to download from the Android Market

Do I have to consent to the Google location service agreement?

  • Yes, you must consent to Google location service to  automatically update the World Clock; to use the Weather app  and to use Sprint Navigation.  (They all use GPS location or time signals)

I heard a reminder while I was on a call, but I don't see it.  Where'd it go?

  • When using the phone, your phone will prompt you if you have another call on the other line (you can pull the phone away from your face to see who it is) or if you have a reminder set (e.g., you will hear the same noise; however, you will not see the reminder when you pull the phone away from your face). After you disconnect from the phone, your reminder will pop-up.

Mute - where is it?  (we live on conference bridges.  I'm on one as I type this. 3,000 minutes a month.  Mute is critical)

  • When on a conference call, you can mute the phone by selecting the back button to wake up the phone and then Menu. From Menu, you can select Mute. To unmute, follow the same steps and select unmute.   (sorry, no hardware mute button, no fast mute switching a-la Blackberry). (admin: Someone make an app for that!)

Rev0 - I thought it was RevA:

  • See this blog post about it.  (it's a display bug)

When will we get a maintenance release (MR) or Android 1.6 / 2.0?

  • Sprint is committed to providing the best experience on your Android phone, and that means fixing bugs and providing upgrades to the latest software.  However, we don't comment on future releases or unreleased software.  Keep an eye on the forums for the latest news, updates and information when we have a firm release date for fixes or upgrades.


As I was playing with the phone today I was having problems moving widgets from one panel to the next - I found it easier to just delete the widget and recreate it on the screen I wanted it on.

Turns out that fat trackball has a good use:  Moving widgets!

nifty use for the trackball was being able to switch between panels, which makes for quick panel-ed...

From, HTC Hero Review

The concept of panels (cards? panes? spaces?) plus user configurable widgets makes this a tweakers dream. You can build your own custom UI from wallpaper to buttons to application views.  And with seven cards to drop things into you can completely information overload your phone!

Fun times . . .



As may have heard announced last week, Sprint will be releasing it's first Android OS powered device, the HTC Hero, on October 11th.

The Sprint Product Ambassador Team invites you to start learning about this amazing new device right now.

Hot on the heels of other iconic device launches like the Palm Pre and the Blackberry Tour, the HTC Hero will combine the power of the Now Network with the flexibility of the Android OS and package it with HTC's manufacturing prowess. The HTC Hero will be the newest Android handset released in the United States, and is undoubtably much sleeker, more powerful and faster than it's T-Mobile counterparts The G1, Magic and My Touch 3G. Never has an Android handset been released on a network tailor made to take advantage of all this amazing OS has to offer.

This is a huge milestone for Sprint and another amazing device added to our lineup.

The Product Ambassadors will be doing overviews and reviews of the Hero in the near future, so stay tuned for more info!

And now, we present the Hero...

HTC Hero brings a world of opportunities to life through the Internet-style innovation and openness of Androidcombined with Sprint's EV-DO Rev. A mobile broadband network. Its capacitive pinch-to-zoom screen and trackball navigation paired with a highly customizable user interface allows you to personalize the look of your device to reflect the different moments in your life. HTC Hero offers access to business and personal email, GPS navigation, full-song downloads from the Amazon MP3 Store, integrated Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, Visual Voicemail, stereo Bluetooth, expandable memory up to 32 GB, 5 megapixel camera with camcorder and a world-class full HTML Web browser. Android openness also enables developers to create mobile applications that take full advantage of a mobile device, and offer their applications through Android Market, offering a huge library of mobile applications to meet both business and consumer needs.


  • HTC Scenes create different screen arrangements that reflect different aspects of your life. Each Scene is like having a separate phone for your work, play or travel life.

  • Android Market provides direct access to thousands of useful applications and fun games to download

  • Visual Voicemail provides quick and easy access to messages without needing to listen to or skip past previous messages

  • Integrated Gmail^^ compatibility and access to Outlook email with Microsoft Direct Push Technology and HTML support, as well as email from well-known providers like AOL, Windows Live^^ including MSN and Hotmail, Yahoo! and more

  • Easily view Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents on the go to maximize productivity

  • Google Search, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Gmail and YouTube^^ with Google mobile services

  • Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g

  • Sprint Navigation with turn-by-turn driving directions


  • HTC Footprints chronicles your life, and allows you to permanently store and share special moments by capturing a digital postcard and identifying its specific location and GPS coordinates

  • Capacitive Multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard and trackball navigation

  • HTC Flash support embedded

  • 5 MP camera/camcorder

  • Media player with 3.5 mm stereo headset jack

  • Sprint's exclusive sports applications: NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile

  • Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

  • Accelerometer, Digital Compass and Light Sensor

  • Expandable Memory: 2 GB MicroSD Card included; supports up to 32 GB MicroSD Card


  • Dimensions: 4.46" (L) x 2.22" (W) x 0.54" (D) (113.2 mm x 56.4 mm x 13.8 mm)

  • Weight: 4.5 oz. (127.57 grams)

  • Main Display: 3.2" HVGA TFT (320 x 480 pixels) 65K colors

  • Standard removable 1500mAh Lithium (Li-on) battery; up to 4 hours continuous talk time