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can you upgrade a hero to android 2.2?


can you upgrade a hero to android 2.2?

my phone is horribly slow... i have 2 downloaded apps and it still lags... i have a 16gig sd card but it dosent really help, can you upgrade to android 2.2 and can you save apps to your sd card...


Re: can you upgrade a hero to android 2.2?

yes you can... but you have to Root the phone, and install a custom rom on to the device..  its actually really easy and not illegal as once was broadcasted.. my wife and i both have Heros that are rooted and running 2.2, they are actually working on 2.3 right now.. the best website to go to is and go to the Hero section, make sure its the CDMA Hero section.. its an awesome community of developers and they help out people all the time, and once you do it you wont want to come back, it will be like a completely different phone..

this is a specific link to one of the rooting topics you should definitely check it out, if you are sick of the Hero lag and missing all the new features, its worth it.

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