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has anyone updated their htc hero to new version?


has anyone updated their htc hero to new version?

has anyone updated their htc hero to new firmware version?


has anyone updated their htc hero to new version?

let me know if u do and if it helps with anything!! My HTC Hero sucks and I can't hardly do anything on it!!


has anyone updated their htc hero to new version?

I have not,getting ready to install new 2.1 firmware, just wanting to know from anyone if it is worth it? cant download apps and such now,was told this would correct this problem.


has anyone updated their htc hero to new version?

Yeah I cannot downlaod anything from the android market, my phone won't ring in half the time, my text messages take 5 or 6 tries to send them, I literally have to remove my case and take the back off my phone and remove battery like 50times a day it's sucks terribly and sprint don't care!! how do I find this download??


has anyone updated their htc hero to new version?

I think just go to support and type in htc downloads and follow the steps

Re: has anyone updated their htc hero to new version?

I have updated 3 Heros to 2.1 without issue. You need to follow the discussion within the HTC Hero forum that I believe was started by Androidious - he/she lists a step by step (this is about the 5 reply down in the discussion). Make sure you have a full battery, back up your contacts and follow the step by step. Print it out! Good luck - if I can find the link I will try to repost

Update - I found it and am copying his step by step - Good luck - the latest download should also include 2 (or 3) patches that were done subsequently - hope this helps

(from Androidious May 12, 2010) I want to inform Hero 2.1 users of the recent problem solutions that I've come across since reporting the problems in the first thread of this discussion. Due to constant restarts/reboots of the device, which occurred randomly when opening many different types of applications, I decided to wipe the device to factory and reinstall the OS using the RUU provided by Sprint. This resulted in a brand-new phone with everything working as it should, at least so far so good (approximately 14 hrs with the newly working phone). Here is what I did step-by-step:

1. First, I made sure all my contacts/calendars, etc. were backed up on the GMail website by syncing with google's servers. I then proceeded to turn off my phone.

2. I then removed the battery cover and took out my microSD card from the slot within the phone.

3. Then, I performed a reset of my phone back to factory settings (wipes all data from the phone, including apps, contacts, everything). The follwing instructions show how to perform this reset.

Key Stroke Method

  1. Power the device OFF.
  2. Press and hold the HOME and Back Arrow buttons. While holding these buttons, press the End Call button once.

    Release the Home and Back Arrow buttons and press the Trackball to execute the Hard Reset.

  3. The device will reboot once the process is complete.

4. After completing the reset of the device, the phone restarts itself. You will be taken to the initial setup screen of the Android OS. Depending if you've already updated the OS from 1.5 or not, you will either see the 1.5 setup steps (e.g., you did not update the phone yet), or the 2.1 setup steps (e.g., you already updated the phone before). I skipped any of the setup process, as this will not be necessary since the information will be wiped again anyway. After the intial setup boots up (e.g., the phone is fully booted up), I then connected the device via USB to my computer.

5. Assuming you've already installed the latest version of HTC Sync and downloaded the 2.1 RUU update from Sprint already, I then proceeded to run the 2.1 RUU update from Sprint. If you haven't done any of the above assumptions listed in this step, you can follow the instructions given by Sprint

6. After completing the update from step 5, the phone will automatically reset itself. You can insert your microSD card during the reboot, or you can do so later, whatever works for you.

7. Following the reinsertion of the microSD card, the phone will again go into the intial 2.1 setup steps. At this point, I completed all the steps (be sure to setup the gmail/google sync accounts so you can retrieve all of your contacts and calendars that you backed up in step 1).

8. After finishing the intial setup for 2.1, I then allowed the phone to complete loading all of the Sense UI, etc... once done, I restarted the phone one more time, just to be sure it finalized everything in there and to load a fresh start so I can then begin to reinstall all my apps.

This should bring you to a fresh installation of the HTC Hero by Sprint. This SHOULD take care of any software issues, automatic restarts, Sprint Navigator issues, etc... This worked very well for me and I hope that it helps anyone else out there. Good luck and take care guys!!!

PS. If you don't have all of your apps backed up, the very first time (and first time only) that you start up the Market, goto the downloads section. There it should contain a list of all your previously installled apps that you had prior to the update. Be careful though, because once you exit out of the Market after that first start of it, they will disappear. So try to install them all (or the ones you want) first before exiting the Market app.

Good luck to all and thank you Sprint for finally issuing this much needed update!!! Hope to see more updates in the future.


Re: has anyone updated their htc hero to new version?

I was in at the sprint store to get a problem fixed. They updated my phone to the 2.1 version and after I resynced my phone with my outlook through a work account I have to put in my password after I have unlocked the screen. I did not have to do this before they put the new version on. Is there any way to not have to annoyingly, repedatively have to put my password in before I respond to a text or want to make a call. Before I was able to drag the screen and away I went. My IT guy at work and the gentleman at the local store were not able to help. In fact he had to clear my phone 2x's before we think it is linked to the outlook. At least that is when it seems to show up (after I sync with work emails and computer). Help please. Unless this is a ploy to make me get a new phone.

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