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how many emails??


how many emails??


okay.. i've got the GMail widget operating on my main (most important) email acct - that gets "push" functionality

for my other three email accts, its okay if i get updates every couple/few hrs - no real emergencies there

so, i use the HTC mail app

now, the mail widget/icon on the home screen shows a green circle with the number of unread emails - that's good

and the final screen you're in totalizes unread emails

but.. the intermediate screen - teh one where you pick which acct you want...... there's no indication there which acct has unread email (and how many there are)

that would *really* help


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Re: how many emails??

oh! also!!

(yes, i'm replying to myself!)

i would love it if i could set the default "view" to be the conversation mode

i always have to click a second time to put it in the format i like



Re: how many emails??

I agree it would be nice to see how many emails are coming into each account when you view the accounts!

But if you slide down the top notification bar (where you see the mail icons and the @ icon) there you will see what came in to what account!

You can also click Menu and select Notifications to see the same screen!


Re: how many emails??

you're right - that's true

its just that when the goin gets hot and heavy and you've got 15 other things on your mind... you don't think of those things

but yeah.. thx!

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