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problem with data connection


problem with data connection

I just recieved a new hero because issues with my other one, anyway with this new one I have a data connection but its the 1xRTT instead of the high speed EVDO that it should be. I have hard reset the phone, updated the profile and rebooted a few times I even turn on and off  airplane mode a few times and it still won't switch. Anyone who knows about this knows that 1xRTT is super slow and doesn't let me download some stuff. Can someone pls help. Looking for any help with this. Thank-you


Re: problem with data connection

I am experiencing the same problems for the past few weeks. When on internet in the same signal area I always use at home,the signal switches from Ev to 1x.

I removed the battery,cleaned cache,turned on and off,updated PRL and profile,etc. Nothing works.

I will be taking mine to the Sprint store for tech help or go back to a Blackberry!!

Good luck!

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