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Use folders to keep  multiple items close at hand while keeping your Home screen tidy. Create  a folder to store and organize Home screen items such as applications  and shortcuts, or make a live folder for your contacts that stays  current automatically. Creating a folder Press HOME and then tap the + button. In the Add to Home options menu, tap Folder. Tap New Folder or Live folder. Tap New Folder to create a static folder to  hold items added manually. Tap Live folder to create a folder for your  contacts that updates automatically when contacts are added, edited, or  deleted. Press and hold an application icon or a shortcut on the Home  screen to activate Edit mode, then drag it on top of the folder. To access the items inside a folder, tap the folder to open it and  then tap the icon of the application or shortcut you want to open. Renaming a folder Tap the folder to open it. Press and hold the folder’s title bar to open the Rename  folder dialog box. Enter the Folder name and then tap OK. Deleting a folder Press and hold the folder you want to remove to activate Edit  mode. When Edit mode is activated, the folder magnifies and the phone  vibrates. Drag the icon to the Phone button (The Phone button changes into the Remove button). When the icon and the Remove button turn red,  release it. Orignially from HTC UK:
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