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twin clocks... how to choose what time(s) to display??


twin clocks... how to choose what time(s) to display??

i know the clock widgets are HTC's, but HTC works for Sprint so... i'm putting this question where "Sprint eyes" will see it!lol

of all the clock choices we have, there is a dual-clock option

obviously one clock (presumably the left one) should read the current time in the user's location - the second clock, however, ought to be customizable - it seems like the user should be able to choose the city that second clock applies to

i can't seem to figure out how to do that!

anyone else out there A) have this problem? or better yet... B) know how to customize that second clock??

and while i'm on the subject of HTC widgets.. i just want to report i'm more than a little frustrated that i can't get more "into" those widgets - i'd like to interact with them - modify/edit/customize

- i would like to rearrange the order of the favorites - they appear only in the order they were created

     well, that's not good enough - i want them in the order *I* want them in

- there are two calendar widgets (large/month - medium/day & next event) - i have a problem with the smaller one ---- when i click on the date, i should see that day view appear - instead i see teh entire month - not good! we have a widget for the whole month already - and, when we click on the "next event" (omg - what a cool feature! thankyouthankyouthankyou!) i go straight to that event detail view (again... thankyouthankyouthankyou!) -- my request is.. when we click on the date (left-most portion) it should take us to the day view

- i really really REALLY miss the "flip" of the flip clock

      i saw all those youtube videos of the SenseUI before the Hero was released and that flip animation gave it....... "character"

     bring it back? please?


btw, sprint staff who read these forums... its the SenseUI in all its beauty, utility and ergonomics that keeps me with the hero

i come from teh palm line of smartphones - i'm looking for that level of usability, efficiency and customization

its the SenseUI [and yes, Sprint's pricing structure and quality network as well as courteous employees and my familiarity with Sprint ((i was originally with nextel and remained onboard when Sprint and Nextel merged)) - all those factors go into my decision] that keeps me onboard the Hero and with Sprint in the presence of fierce competition out there

so i'm always looking for ways to make it better and for opportunities to offer a suggestion

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Re: twin clocks... how to choose what time(s) to display??

The left one shows your home city and the other shows your current city. You can change your home city by tapping the clock and hitting Menu > Home Settings.

The only way I have figured out to change the order of the bookmarks is delete them and put them back in the order you want them.

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