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voice dailing


voice dailing

I just got a Hero, I like it, blows my Palm Pre away...

One of the main reasons for leaving the Pre was it's lack of Voice Dialing.

The Hero has it, but it does not work(?).

I have to hold the phone to my ear to get it to respond to a voice command, however, it does not respond in a voice it gives me a text box to confirm the number and when I press OK, it crashes.

Any ideas out there????



Re: voice dailing

Voice dialing isn't the greatest on the Hero.  I have not had good results when using the stock voice dialer app.  However, I have had fairly good results using the Google Search app as others have suggested using.  I always thought of this app as just a way to do internet searches, but it works for voice dialing too.  For example, after hitting the microphone and saying "Call Vicki work" it will dial the correct # 80% of the time.  When it doesn't, then it usually displays a list of #s to choose from.

Another related issue is not being able to voice dial via Bluetooth.  You would think a phone like this would be more than capable of doing that.

Hope this helps.  If you find any better solution, let us all know.

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