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we need a bookmark manager!!


we need a bookmark manager!!

there's a term in the gaming industry.. i think its "suspension of disbelief"

its the idea that the game is so good and that you get so involved in it that you forget you're IN a game

and the other side of the coin working against that concept is any issue in the game that *reminds* you that you're in a game

one of the things that "reminds" me that i'm not on a full computer and i'm in fact working on a tiny analogy to a computer is the browsing experience

particularly the fact that you can't move around your favorites to organize them anyway you want

in the in-browser bookmarks view the user is presented with a horizontal array of "pictures" (yes, and text names) of the pages he has favorited

but the accompanying way to organize them is limited - date, title, most-used

well.. what if i want to re-organize them the way *I* want to reorganize them?? regardless of usage or title or when i created them??

we need that functionality, gentlemen!

additionally, those changes that are made to the bookmarks need to be reflected in the HTC widgets on the homescreen (we are given a couple options for representing bookmarks - "large" icons and smaller icons)

currently, although "pretty," the HTC widget suffers from this same limitation -- would like to see more customizability in the bookmark widgit (ALL widgets, actually)

thank you


Try out the Dolphin browser - it actually has a really nice bookmarking utility. I've ditched to defualt browser and also the need to have the HTC bookmark widget taking up a whole screen.


There's an app. you can download called "Bookmark Manager" that does exactly what you're asking for.  You should check it out.


Dolphin browser is ok. but for some reason i tried and loved at first and the feature with the gestures is great BUT after a while it began to be laggy and some websites dont work as good as they did in the default browser. I'm just going to wait until mozilla drops the browser for android. =]

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