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A9 was the case that they gave me : Sprint product Ambassador


When I got the A9, I really wanted to keep it unsullied. I wanted it clean, no covering just the phone as it was just plain pretty.

The phone's sleek and classy look makes you want to just show it off. One minute with my son confirmed to me that my desire was not going to work.

My son came over to the couch and grabbed my phone, and walked around the kitchen with it and thus I now have a hair line scratch on the phone.

Don't be a statistic like me, get a case for your phone.


What to buy, do I buy a big one, what can give me protection yet keep the classy look of the phone?

Many make the sacrifice of aesthetics for protection.

I wasn't willing to make this sacrifice, but I also wanted the original benefit of the HTC Evo (kickstand).

I really loved that feature and wanted it back.

This case really gives me the protection that I want, the classy look, pockets to keep some cash, and a kickstand all at the measly price of 10 bucks on Amazon

While this case adds some much needed protection, I will not be handing the phone over to them anymore, they would be able to destroy Vibranium (Black panther reference).

The added plus is the kickstand, which is so useful when your at a restaurant and your kids start acting up.

I bring up the old YouTube and quiet the kids with their favorite cartoon, or my favorite cartoon which is Ducktales or tailspin


Lets face it, most of us have butter fingers. I drop stuff all the time, having the Nagebee case gives me some piece of mind.

The Mona Lisa and other great pieces of art are protected by some security, you should not be me and let it be broken.

GET A Case!


Stanny George

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