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BoomSound on HTC One A9 - Sprint Product Ambasador

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I was disappointed when I heard the HTC One A9 did not have the 2 front facing speakers with BoomSound. I have always loved the sound quality HTC front facing speakers produce while watching a show or listening to music on my phone. Then I found out the HTC One A9 does still have BoomSound when wired headset is connected to the phone. Normally I use my Bluetooth headset or harmon kardon Onyx speaker to stream music.... although I had to give the wired a try to see if there is a difference since BoomSound does not work with Bluetooth devices.


Once the headset is plugged in, BoomSound is activated and by default turned on. Within the BoomSound settings there are several options including the ability to turn it off if desired. Myself I can hear a big difference in sound quality with BoomSound turned on which is really nice. I wish there was the option to turn it one when a Bluetooth device is connected for streaming music.....


One of the other options was changing from HTC earbud, HTC in-ear, HTC Pro Studio and other.... I did not notice a difference in sound when I changed to one of these options.I will need to test it again with my HTC earbuds to see if there is a difference. I did try other seeing how I was using non-HTC headset to check out BoomSound.


One other thing I always adjust when I am trying out a new phone is the setting inside of my music streaming app. I am a Spotify subscriber and load it on all of my phones for streaming music. In the settings menu under Music Quality is an option to increase the quality of the music being streamed and/or downloaded. I change mine from normal to Extreme Quality on both Streaming and Download. This option will consume more data, although I enjoy the clarity of my music at the higher level. Add the Extreme Quality of streaming music with BoomSound and WoW the sound quality is really enjoyable.

Several music streaming apps have streaming options and naming convention might be different. Check out the streaming option on your music app of choice and the try the HTC One A9 with a pair of wired ear buds.



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