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HTC One A9 Sprint Product Ambassador: Notifications

Sprint Product Ambassador

I am torn between having FOMO (fear of missing out) and the desire to be “off the grid”. I am an active participant in too many social media groups and communities, but I also like the time that I can spend totally offline.

And since I use my phone as my alarm clock, I want to make sure that the device can wake me up in the morning. But I also don’t want the device to accidentally wake me before I am wanting to get up.

The HTC One A9 has this great feature called Do Not Disturb. You can get to it either by using the Notifications drop down menu and selecting Do Not Disturb or by going to Settings/Sound & Notification/Do Not Disturb.

The Notifications screen shortcut is great for those times when you need to shut the phone up right away (at the doctor’s office – or in a meeting with your kid’s teacher). The only downside is that the phone won’t tell you that you are still in Do Not Disturb mode – and then an hour or so later you’ll check and see all of the missed calls or texts (speaking from experience!)

Android-M-Do-Not-Disturb-600x340 (1).png

The Settings function of Do Not Disturb is what makes me happiest. Let’s say I want to get some notifications, or get calls in but no notifications or some other variation. I first set up a schedule for nighttime. (I do for 11 pm to 5:30 am – hoping that will help me sleep). But I have relatives who may need assistance in the night, or what if there is an emergency. So I was able to set the settings even tighter to say I could let in calls from Approved Contacts only. So I won’t worry now that when my husband is out late and there is an emergency, since I can shut off all the other distractions.


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