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HTC One A9 vs HTC One M9 - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador



The HTC One A9 has been out for a couple of weeks now and I was curious how it compares next to my HTC One M9. I knew there was some obvious differences and things I like about both phones. Both phones share similar body lines and curves front and back... although there are several changes even there between the two phones.


One of the biggest differences between the A9 and M9 is that the A9 does not have the two front facing speakers with BoomSound. I have always loved the BoomSound on my M7, M8 and M9 and will be missed on my A9. The A9 added a fingerprint scanner in place of two front facing speakers. The fingerprint scanner is very fast and is probably one of the fastest fingerprint scanners available in my opinion. If I had a choice to pick from fingerprint scanner and BoomSound, I would go with keeping BoomSound my self. I used my front facing speakers often on my M9 and to me the sound is just not the same coming from the boom of the phone.


One of the first things I noticed about the HTC One A9 when I removed it from the box was how much thinner and lighter it felt. As you can see in the picture above the A9 dimensions: 5.74"x2.79"x.29" and weighs 5.04 oz versus M9 dimensions: 5.70"x2.75"x0.37" and weighs 5.50 oz making it thinner and lighter than the M9. The difference is only noticeable between the two if you have them both and not a big deal...

Side by side 1.PNG

Another thing I noticed when I removed my A9 from the box was how easy it was to drop it because it was so slippery smooth... The M9 back is slightly curved to fit into your hand and I really liked that. I picked up a case for my A9 and resolved the problem of me dropping it. The picture above shows the speaker placement of the A9 near the USB port.

side by side 2.PNG

One the improvements I like of the A9 over the M9 is the camera. The A9 13MP takes better pictures than the M9 20MP camera and A9 has OIS support. More megapixels is not always better and I like the smaller MP camera the A9 offers. I am still testing the camera and will write up another blog on the camera itself.


One more thing I noticed about my A9 is that HTC Sense is a lot lighter with Android Marshmallow 6.0. I am really enjoying the almost pure Android experience with HTC Sense where I like it with Zoe, weather widget I have used on all my HTC phones, HTC dialer and a few other HTC Sense many HTC fans love. One of the things you will not see is HTC email or music player apps loaded on the A9. HTC does make the HTC Email client available through Google Play Store, although I like Gmail app for my exchange email. It is easier to swipe to delete an email than have to place a check mark.

Check back next week as i explore the HTC One A9 and share some tips or other uses I discover while using my HTC One A9.



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