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How to add Battery Percentage to Status Bar - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

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I have enjoyed using my HTC One A9 the last couple of months and several blogs from a comparison of A9 vs M9, how to take a screenshot, using BoomSound with ear buds and more. I would like to close out my review with one more tip I have found handy to have turned on. The phone has been really solid with an almost Nexus experience with a real light HTC Sense loaded on the A9. HTC continued with with all metal body construction they started with the HTC One M7 and improved it, although I still prefer a case on a phone myself for that extra layer of protection.

Adding the battery percentage to the status bar was one of the first things I turned on when I found it. Battery bars are not always easy to read to indicate how much battery life is actually left and why I like to have a percentage option in my status bar. Here is how to add the battery percentage to your HTC One A9: Settings> Power> Find Show battery level> Check the box next to it.


  1. Settings
  2. Scroll down to Power & tap it
  3. Scroll down to Show battery life
  4. Tap the box to place a check in it and the battery percentage will display

This was a very fast add to my status bar and really helps me judge how much battery life I really have left. The A9 has so many other options available through the Power settings that are useful also like Power Save, Extreme Power Saving more and Battery Usage. Battery Usage is another option I use when I notice a sudden drop in battery life.... generally caused by an app. This is where I go to see what app is draining my battery.

The HTC One A9 has many other useful features like a fingerprint scanner and microSD card for that additiona storage.... visit a Sprint store and check out the HTC One A9 to see if it is the phone for you!



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