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Watch out on denying App Permissions on HTC One A9 - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

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I have downloaded and reviewed the permissions in many of my apps installed on my phones over the last couple of years. There have been many times where I wished I had the ability to limit the permissions of the app on my phone after reading some of them. At first glance, some app permissions may look scary to some and several have asked how can they turn them off in other forms. Along comes the HTC One A9 with Marshmallow granting the ability to control the permissions on your phone.

permissions.PNGHere is a quick SnipIt of just some of the permissions this app requires. This is a security app pre-installed on another phone that gives that app the ability view all network connections, delete apps and make calls out on behalf of the owner. Not everyone reviews permissions, although I like to look at them from time to time and wonder what would happen if I had the ability to limit some of these permissions.

There are several permissions that makes since and others have did not understand at first.....

I learned very quickly how important it is to allow many or all permissions on certain apps after I activated my HTC One A9. After the phone is activated and start accessing the apps on the phone, I was prompted to grant permission to the app before it would launch......

Now I know why some say be careful on what you wish for.... I denied one of the permissions on my HTC One A9 thinking that there was no reason that app needed access to that part of my phone. Once the app launched, I was not able to use basic functionality as visual voicemail. I thought why is my beautiful new phone voicemail not working like it should the phone is brand new. I performed some basic troubleshooting and still not able to see the problem because there was not a problem with my A9. The problem was user error in denying permissions during the setup of my voicemail because I did not know the impact of denying one option.I fixed it by clearing the defaults and went through permission setup again...


The HTC One A9 has App Permissions are also available through Settings > Apps > select an app > Permissions. If an app or basic feature of the phone is not working at it should, check the app permissions. Toggle the permission back on to see if that resolves the problem with the app. Some permissions may seem not needed, although turning off that permission might keep an app from working correctly or at all. Turning the permissions on through settings is easier than have to set everything back up on an app when app cache is cleared....

Check out the HTC One A9 with Marshmallow and how you can customize it to make it your own. The HTC One A9 comes with a AMOLED display and very fast fingerprint scanner....



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