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Change Mode - No Network Found


Change Mode - No Network Found

I was recently in a "No Service" area. I had a interesting message pop up.

                            Change Mode

                         No Network Found

               Select 'Yes' to switch to global mode, or

                  Select 'No' to stay in current mode.

I clicked 'No' so as not to [inappropriate word removed] anything up, however now my phone remains in roaming, even in places that I know I am not normally in roaming.  I do get 3G, but it is still roaming.  I have tried changing the Mobile Data Roaming to 'Home only' and then I lose all service, no 3G, no roaming, nothing. If I leave my phone in the 'Home only' setting, after a few minutes the phone will give me the same pop up again.  Any suggestions? Thoughts?

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Re: Change Mode - No Network Found

mj227q - That's not good at all. We're so sorry to hear about what's been going on with your phone. Let's try to change the network mode, go to All Apps>Settings>Mobile data>Network mode>Tap CDMA only. You also want to refresh the services on your phone. Tap the phone icon>Dial ##72786#>phone will reboot>and go through a hands free activation process. Then update the profile by going to All Apps>Settings>System updates>Update profile>once the profile update is completed tap OK. Let us know how this works out for you. - Kayan Sprint Social Care Team

Re: Change Mode - No Network Found

I  would set your Network Mode to "Automatic" first then if your still having issues you can try LTE/CDMA then last try CDMA Only. Sometimes when your on travel depending on where your at it will always vary your device will try to keep itself assign to the correct network type but sometimes gets delayed due to the type of coverage vary in certain areas. Which creates a delay for it to get caught back up to the current network where ever you stop at. 

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