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HTC One Back Button Issue


HTC One Back Button Issue

My HTC has had the Smith Expired message and I have been following the discussions about it here. This morning my phone has a new trick rendering it useless. It acts as if the back button is constantly being pressed and the phone is hot to the touch. I am waiting for my local Sprint store to open but wondered if anyone else has had this issue. I am not happy at all with this phone as it is only 6 months old.


Re: HTC One Back Button Issue


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear that you're having an issue with the phone. Taking the phone to a Sprint Service & Repair store is the best thing to do. Keep us posted.

- Marie
Sprint Social Care

Re: HTC One Back Button Issue

need to know some info.

is this happening while the phone is plugged in and charging?

did anything update last night?

if none of those then wake the phone up and long press the power button until it pulls up a notification..keep holding it until it shuts itself down..then let go..while its still restarting double check to make sure there is NOTHING on your screen that could be causing this..once it restarts go into settings-apps-all and locate smith..force stop it then go down and clear the data and defaults..back out of there and locate the app that is just a bunch of letters that starts with a the same to that and then go ahead and back all the way shouldnt see this pop back up until you restart your phone again.

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