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HTC One - Bluetooth, Swype Fail (1.29.651.10)


HTC One - Bluetooth, Swype Fail (1.29.651.10)


When paired with car, does not automatically connect.

If it does connect, often only "Media" will be connected, not "Phone"

Deleting, pairing again, fiddling with the BT settings on the phone, hard phone reset doesn't work.

This is my 2nd HTC One


In SMS, it works properly - automatically capitalizing the first word in a sentence and automatically spacing words

In Mail, it doesn't - no auto capitals and no word spacing. It recognizes words but won't put a space after accepted suggestions.

As my 14-day window is soon closing I'll be returning this. I don't see why I should accept a downgrade in features from my original EVO 4G.

Having just returned from a Sprint Corporate Store where I exchanged the phone, and after explaining the problem, I don't really think the associates care much about this. All he wanted to do was get the exchange processed.

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