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HTC One Broken Screen, Need to Import Pictures to PC PLEASE


HTC One Broken Screen, Need to Import Pictures to PC PLEASE

This HTC One has a screen lock.  My screen is demolished, but when the phone powers up, there is some sign of "light." I plugged it into my PC to try to import the photos and videos into the PC.  I go to "Computer" on the PC.  The HTCONE shows on there, but no files or anything under it.  I right clicked it where it was and tried to import and got,  "No new pictures were found on this device."  As you probably know, this phone doesn't have an SD card.  I know:  Woulda, coulda, shoulda.  I don't know what I was thinking not backing them up somewhere, but I can say my thinker isn't workign too well lately.  There isn't anything you can say to make me feel any worse.  These were pictures of my mom and dad and kids.  My mom passed away a month ago, so please be kind.  If it is because of the screen lock, please tell me how to get past that.  Please. Thanks

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