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HTC One will notdisplay voicemail on phone


HTC One will notdisplay voicemail on phone

I have not been getting voicemail messages on my phone. Recently a few people said they left messages but my app shows no messages in my inbox. I called my phone and left message it did not appear. I called my voicemail and all the messages are in there and dated back to 12/20/15. I need to know why they are not showing up in the app on the phone and how I can fix this. Thank you in advance.

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Re: HTC One will notdisplay voicemail on phone

call in to sprint and have them reset your voice mail. you can also try clearing the data and cache on the voice mail app itself in case its hung up..just keep in mind that if you do the clearing trick you will more than likely lose any voice mail messages you have in there...try the reset by the agents first.

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