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HTC Repair Blues


HTC Repair Blues

It seams appropriate that I'm listening to James Taylor sing Steamroller Blues as I write this. Smiley Sad

This goes back to January, when I decided I'd had enough of the purple tint on low light photos on my Sprint One running stock, so I arranged to send it back to HTC. During the approximate 2 weeks I was without "my precious" (as my kids like to call it), I suffered using one of my kids' old Samsung Exclaim. When I got the phone back, everything was working perfectly. Then I took it to Best Buy to have an Invisible Shield reinstalled. Bad idea, as they broke the lens cover while installing it. I considered sending the phone back to HTC for repair, but ultimately decided to get a replacement through Asurion. Fortunately, Best Buy manned up and covered the cost of the replacement.

After getting the replacement, I found the manufacture date to be April 2013. After several weeks, I began to notice - you guessed it - purple appearing in my low light photos. Sigh....

I went back and forth between Sprint and Asurion, with each party saying it was the other's responsibilty. I called HTC, and explained my dilemma, and they offered me what they call "VIP" repair service. They were to send me a FedEx label, which i could use to overnight the device to them in Houston. They would then put the repair to the top of the group (I think they referred to it as Special Projects Team 3), and get it repaired within a day. They'd then overnight the phone back to me, meaning I'd only be without the phone for 3 to 5 business days, tops. Sounded great, so I set this up. This was on March 6th.

Within 30 minutes, I was beginning to have my doubts. I got a call back from the rep at HTC I had spoken with, who advised that they were out of the parts that would be needed for the repair. He hoped I had not shipped the phone back at that point, and advised me to hold off until I heard back from them. He thought it might be only a few days, but in his words, he "didn't want my phone sitting on a table there at HTC, waiting for parts." I agreed to hold off.

Meanwhile, I received a UPS label, which didn't appear to be an overnight shipping label. I called back, and somehow my original ticket was closed, and a new one was opened up. Then, I received a FedEx label for the old ticket, as well as UPS and FedEx labels for the new ticket. I only printed off the FedEx label for the newer label, and waited.

After a week, I called back to see if the parts had arrived. The guy I spoke to said he didn't see them, but he would call me back the next day. No call, so the day after that I called back...this went on for several days, until finally last Saturday (March 22nd), I was told to go ahead and send the phone in - that either they'd have the parts to make the repair, or they could swap it out for another device. I shipped the device in on Monday, 3/24, and the website showed it had arrived on 3/25. Wednesday, and then change on the website. Still showed "device received." Finally on Thursday, I called, and was told then that it had just been checked in for repair that day (Thursday)! I called back yesterday, and was told that it appears there are no parts, and no replacement phones available.

My case has been passed on to a resolution group to see what alternatives are available. I told them they could make me very satisfied if they could just swap this out for the new One (M8), She told me she'd pass this along.

Probably a pipe dream, but it would be nice (and somehow fitting) if I could find myself holding a new One by this time next week! I'll update when I hear back from HTC....


Re: HTC Repair Blues

Dear Hilkster,

Thank you for your post. We would be happy to check on this for you. Please private message us with your name, phone number the HTC is on, and the pin code and we could check on the status for you.


Sprint Social Care Team

Re: HTC Repair Blues

Yeah hope they get things taken care of for your but I'm with you I think a M8 would be nice .

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