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Multiple Icons since 4.3 update


Multiple Icons since 4.3 update

I downloaded the update this morning, and now when my screen is locked and I go to unlock it, ..its showing me two different times, temps, weather icons, dates, and the icons at the top are all jumbled.  On set of icons say Tues Aug 6, and the other says Tues Oct 8

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Re: Multiple Icons since 4.3 update


Thank you for the post. It sounds like there may be an app that is pulling an incorrect time and another display that is using the internal/system time. Is there a widget on the front screen with an incorrect time that you can delete and re-add? Additionally, there may be a setting in that specific widget/app that will set the time to the correct time zone.

If you would like, please take a screen shot and attach it here so I can see exactly what you're seeing and we'll get this figured out.

Also, have you tried powering off and back up to see that changes anything?

Thank you,


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