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Sprint Zone App :)


Sprint Zone App :)

Something that everyone might consider doing is setting up your "Sprint Zone App" this way you can go to the App the with in the App it has "My Device" then got to the "Dashboard" where you can run diagnostics.  I was really surprised how much info the App gives and might help some that are having connection issues or give you some kind of feedback when your in areas that your having those issues. Plus you can always check your data usages so forth but the "Diagnostics" is the key here especially for those who have been having issues with their device...   Anyway check out..

Inside the "Dashboard" these are the things you can check.

"System Updates" - will tell you if your device is current but you can also check your "Network PRL" so see if it's current your "Device Software" and you can "Update your Profile" from here as well.

"Power Usage" - good to check to see how your device is handling charging and looks at a power usage chart plus battery usage and current power settings plus choose a power mode.

"Security" - checks to see if you have any installed.

"Battery Status" -  You can check the Temp of your device as well as Voltage and battery usage as well plus how much power you have left.

"Application Privacy" - Lets you know what kind of access Apps have that you have installed on your device.

"Voice Network" - Here you can always check your network and signal strength you can also get to your Device Software from here and see your Network PRL as well.

"Data Network" - Here you can see if your connected to 3G or 4G this will let you know as well the status if your connected or not and will let you preform test as well. You can also Update your Profile from here as well. Also you can see your current device software from here as well.

"Storage" -  This shows your total available of storage your App Storage and Media Storage.

"Google Play" - basically check to see if the device as a active account.

"Text Message" - can run test here.

"Multimedia" -  test to see how they respond and working.

"Other Reseources" checks the status of your Camera your Location info, Bluetoot,Memory,Auto Syc, Display.

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