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Swype not working well in text fields but ok for text msgs


Swype not working well in text fields but ok for text msgs

Sprint 4G LTE phone, works ok. But ever since the old Jellybean update, when I Swype in an online text field - for instance, my Comcast email -  the dumb Swype automatically capitalizes every word and does not leave an automatic space between words. It used to not capitalize every single word and it did leave a space automatically between words,  and it still does in text messages. 

Annoying at first; I kept thinking it would be fixed but it's not. Is there anything at all I can do to fix it? Right now, I simply never use the phone for my Comcast email because I can't easily reply - but I wish I could. I do not want this Comcast account registered on my phone because then the "new mail" light blinks too often.

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Re: Swype not working well in text fields but ok for text msgs


I am sorry to hear of the issue with the Swype keyboard input. Have you gone into the keyboard setting to  check for the auto capitalization and auto spacing? Please let us know. Also you should have the ability to delete the Comcast e-mail account if you no longer want to get the e-mail on your device.

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Re: Swype not working well in text fields but ok for text msgs

I have auto capitalize for initial words of sentences checked and I have auto spacing checked in Swype. It was fine before the Jellybean update. It's not just Comcast. I cannot type into ANY online text field without having every single word auto capped and no spacing between words unless I manually change every one. It's not worth the hassle so I don't use online text fields at all, ever. But Swype DID work flawlessly before the JB update. And of course I long ago took off my primary Comcast email so when I use it, I am going online to see the mail. Swype continues to work in SMS text messages. In those text messages it does NOT auto cap EverySingleWord and it does auto space the way it should. It's also OK in gmail but gmail is not my primary email. I seldom use it.

As I said, I expected it to be fixed but what's it been now - well over a year? and no fix. I do know that there's no way I can be the OnlyUserWithThisIssue.


Re: Swype not working well in text fields but ok for text msgs


Thanks for your post. I'd like to help, so I have several more questions for you. Are you using a Comcast email app? Have you updated the app to the newest version? Have you tried to uninstall the app and re-install? Have you contacted Comcast and asked them if any other their customers are having this same issue? I researched the issue, and there is nothing I can find that matches your problem. Sometimes older apps run into issues when the phone software is updated because the third party app doesn't know about the update, or needs to fix bugs after the update, etc.

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