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What should my HTC One status bar look like with Data connection?


What should my HTC One status bar look like with Data connection?

I just upgraded to the HTC One a week ago. I'm confused on the data connection--3G vs 4G vs signal bars. I have the network mode set to "automatic". The status bar always shows WiFi (turned on to connect at work and at home) and shows signal strength (at work usually full bars, at home usually between half way and full bars). I live just north of Cincinnati and work in the city of Cincinnati. My status bar NEVER shows an icon for 3G or for 4G. Does this mean I am never using 3G or 4G? I thought an icon would always display to indicate which data connection your phone had. I am able to send MMS, send/receive email, etc. however, I don't know if this is because I am connected to WiFi. I am admittedly not very smart when it comes to this stuff, so looking for some help to understand what I should see on my phone and how I know if I am connected to 3G or 4G. Thanks.

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Re: What should my HTC One status bar look like with Data connection?

it will only show the icon for whatever youre connected while youre at home or at work and connected to wifi you'll see that symbol up top...once you leave work or home double check to make sure it has switched over to either 3G or 4G..personally as long as your area DOES have LTE in place i would switch it over to CDMA/LTE instead of running it on automatic..if youre area is still pretty hit and miss with 4G LTE then i would go ahead and switch it to CDMA least for now at'll get a better mobile data connection this way..

as to the bars the second to last update changed up how the phone reads with the bars..normally a phone will show bars for your voice and for data its either there or it isnt..with that second to last update it ended up switching it was showing that 3G or 4G symbol while the bars were showing you how strong of a signal you had..not to sure if this last update switched this back or not..personally i think it was a dumb idea in the first place anyways..its a phone for making calls first..the rest is additional things it can do.

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Re: What should my HTC One status bar look like with Data connection?


Hey I'd be happy to answer those questions for you. I actually have the HTC one as well and your status bar should show what data your connected to in this order WiFi>4G>3G. If you are always connected to WiFi then you won't see 3G or 4G. Try turning off your WiFi and make sure your mobile data is turned on. You can do both in the settings menu. Give it a couple of seconds and you should show either 3G or 4G next to your bars. If you have any more question feel free to ask. We're her for you.

Patrick N.
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