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EasyPay Upgrade on M8?


Re: EasyPay Upgrade on M8?


Since the device is not available in stores at this time,, you can contact our order support team at 1-800-SPRINT1 to order the device. They will be able to help you do an easy pay upgrade since it is not available online at this time. I hope this helps.

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Re: EasyPay Upgrade on M8?

You have GOT to be kidding me, this BS is still going on??  Unless something has changed within the last couple days, IGNORE the Customer No-service reply above. Beginning a couple days after it became available, I received the runaround for 5 days with different people, different answers, cut-and-paste answers, etc telling me to buy online using the Easy Upgrade; this is not even possible, then they had me drive to a store to do it in person except stores don't have access to the phone and they cant process Easy Upgrades for anything they dont have in stock.

Online "support" refused to contact me directly or provide a way for me to contact them which wouldve resolved things very quickly. Instead they only replied via thread messages, (which are from a new person each time, displaying no knowledge of what I'd said to the last person and giving the same canned answers as the last person) OR via Private Message, which they would then claim they hadnt ever received (despite having already replied to some of them using the same canned messages from a new person each time).

This is by far the worst CS experience I've ever had anywhere, and is bad even by Sprint standards. I've been too busy with work, but as soon as I have a few free minutes my intent is to see if any of the old Executive Services contact numbers are working from the old days, as well as send a couple of their VPs a quick note. It's really no wonder their churn rate is so high, between Verizon deals like TWO M8s for $140 and their "service" people making it virtually impossible for people to give them money and remain a customer.

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