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Garbage HTC One M8 on Sprint Spark Terrible Network


Garbage HTC One M8 on Sprint Spark Terrible Network

Sprint's terrible 4G LTE and Sprint Spark are making HTC look bad. Maybe the HTC M8 should have been exclusive to carriers who can manage 4G LTE download speeds faster than 1-6 mbps and upload speeds of .5-3 mbps. I'm so disappointed with my device and Sprint. I waited for six months to purchase the HTC M8 only to find out that Sprint Spark and Sprint's LTE absolutely suck! This phone is a shiny rugged $200 paperweight! I was told by customer service that I don't have any outtages or upgrades going on in my area and I am getting the best possible service. I even took my phone to a Sprint store to have it looked at. No one could explain why my phone constantly says I'm getting Sprint Spark reception and lte but this thing is slower than my Samsung galaxy s2. Furthermore, I'm not getting all of my calls because I only get voice reception when I next to a tower and make a voice call. I can't believe I convinced my wife, brother in law, and mother in law to leave expensive Verizon to join my family plan with Sprint. I was hoping for better service after spark was rolled out. In return for my loyalty I get incorrect and overpriced bills for crappy service and a HTC one m8 that sucks because of sprints terrible service. I will be requesting a shipping label to send this beautiful but useless device back to Sprint and cancelling the entire contact. Tmobile will cover the etf on all 4 devices plus they have a family plan for 4 lines at 100 dollars. Screw this nonsense. Please don't waste money buying an awesome smartphone on a crappy service. Hopefully, HTC will wiseup and stop offering their flagships to Sprint. Sprint doesn't even try their best to sell the phones. They are too busy bombarding people with galaxy s5 promotions instead of taking care of their terrible network and customer service. I will be posting this message on every social media website. I hope Sprint goes bankrupt so tmobile can buy their assets and put them to good use....time to short Sprint stock. Where is Carl Ichan when you need him???


if it were the network it wouldnt randomly decide to let you download a update over LTE then bump you back to 3G.that there would be the phone choosing priorities for its signals.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************
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