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HTC M8 issues with timestamp on incoming text msg


HTC M8 issues with timestamp on incoming text msg

I'm having issues with incoming text msg having the incorrect timestamp. They are off by 1 hour. This started Tuesday 03/14. That's 2 days after the daylight saving time switch. If I click on "view message details" it shows the sent and received time of the text. The received time is correct, example 09:26PM, but the sent time will show 10:26PM. The phone uses the sent time for the timestamp. It does not matter what timezone the sender is in its still off by 1hr.


The issue only occurs when I'm in the city of Chicago(zip 60605). If I drive to my job 30 miles away in the burbs(zip 60566) I don't have this issue. In the burbs both sent and received time will be the same regardless of the sender.  I assume there is a different Messaging Center for the burbs.  I filled out the info on the Sprint Zone app but never got a reply. I stopped by the store and they updated all the PRL and Profile and that didn't resolve the issue.


Has anyone else had this issue?

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