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HTC Transfer tool not working on M8


HTC Transfer tool not working on M8

I have used the transfer tool many times in the past and it used to be a great way to almost clone your phone.  Now something isn't right!

This is a question in Android Central too and has yet to be resolved.  As soon as the Transfer tool starts to push data to the M8 from my M7 (one) I get a message that I have lost my wifi Connection.

I have:

1.  Tried Auto select, 2.4 and 5 frequencies

2   Turned off all special features and battery saving options.

3.  Reset wireless

4.  Tried different network

5.  Recycled devices and updated profiles and PRL

6.  Tried all these 3 feet from router.

I think this is a software feature.  Anyone tried those software fixes for wifi on phone?  makes me nervous to do that on a new product



Re: HTC Transfer tool not working on M8

Thanks for the post. sorry this is happening.
The only thing (other than a master reset) that I can suggest, to ensure the phone's radios are operating as they should, would be to complete a SCRTN. It resets the radio transmission and forces the device to collect available service updates. I have never encountered this issue but the process I am suggesting has corrected similar problems.
Basically, on your dial pad you will enter ##72786#. The phone will restart a few times and complete the updates. Test it afterwards and if the issue persists, your best bet would be to complete a master reset. Let us know if you need assistance with that.
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