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Sprint Product Ambassador: M8 Best In Hand


So far with the HTC One M8 I have to say that the phone just feels great in my hand. Not too big, not too small. The metal body gives my hand a good grip. I have heard some say that the metal body makes it slip more for them, but with me its the opposite. I love the grip that it gives me. Maybe its my hands? But the fact of the matter is, that this phone just feels awesome. I'm not a huge fan of having a phone that feels like plastic, or that just feels cheap. When I hold the One M8 the only thing I feel is quality. You know how some restaurants say that you can taste the quality? kind of the same thing with the M8 but you can truly feel the quality. I don't feel like i'm gonna break it, or crack it. Its solid, well shaped, and just plain comfortable in my hands.

The other cool thing, in my opinion is that when someone actually has the HTC One M8 to their ear and you see it, it just looks cool. You see the shine of the metal body and just think "Now that's a cool phone". I have even decided to not get a case because of the fact that I like the look and the feel of it so much!

This is just my little take on the design, feel, and comfort of the HTC One M8.

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