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Sprint Product Ambassador: Picture perfect with Zoe


Zoe is an amazing feature with the HTC One M8. If you are a picture and camera lover then this is the phone for you. The Zoe provides so many benefits for you.

1. Zoe captures up to 20 images at a time and allows you to pick the best shot. No more catching pictures when everyone blinks or moves. Pick the perfect shot every time!

2. Sequence shot allows for great action pictures! this takes the 20 shots in a row so you capture every moment of that goal, trick, shot, or touchdown! Create a sequence shot by going to Edit > Retouch > Sequence Shot and selecting the frames you want to use to create an amazing composite in a single photo.

3. While moving you can start the 3 second Zoe capture and get different angles to ensure that you get the best side, or best picture possible.

4. When done. Use HTC share to send up to 10 pictures to your family and friends. Get your family he moments they will enjoy with no time wasted.

You can see the benefits of the Zoe right here. I use it for my family alot. I have a 3 year old daughter and some times its just hard to get a good shot of her, so this just makes it easier and I am sure to get the best picture and get it to the grandparents and aunt or uncle right away!

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