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Sprint Product Ambassadors: HTC One M8: Skip Lock

Sprint Product Ambassador


I have been using skip lock on all my devices for about a year now. This app lets you keep your phone secure without having to enter your password every time. I'm big on security but most of the time its a hassle. In the past I would enable a lock screen in case my phone was stolen or I left it out in a public place. The lock screen would last a few days and then I would get tired of having to type in my pin or pattern. It takes so much longer to get past the lock screen, if your in a hurry. Jumping right in the beauty of skip lock allows you to add "safe locations" to your phone and it will disable the lock screen. An example of this would be using my phone at home on my WiFi network. I don't need a lock screen when I'm at home, but as soon as I drive away from my house or I am out of the range of my router, the lock screen enables when the screen shuts off. It can also be done with Bluetooth devices, if your using a headset and your phone will be a few feet away from you then why bother with a lock screen. The battery saving features this app brings along with the already stellar battery performance with the HTC One M8 HK edition is incredible. The app allow your device to be automated when your in these "safe areas". My phone is set to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when they are disconnected after two minutes. this stops me from always manually turning Wifi and Bluetooth on and off and draining precious battery. I have attached screen shots of the app below, it is very straight forward and easy to set up.

SkipLock: Skip the lock screen - Android Apps on Google Play

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