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Where is my One M8 service ?


Re: Where is my One M8 service ?

This will be good news for some and bad news for others. It's not your phone that's messed up(Good news) it's sprints network(bad news). Their network couldn't handle all of the provisioning commands for the M8 and S5 that went through in the same week. So it killed the Network. BUT mainly just those areas that have Spark availble because Spark wasn't properly tested before it was released. Sprint never fully tests product/services before the put them out just so they can be the one to say we had it first.(just like they did with there version of 4G(wimax) yeah they had it first but when everyone else started their 4G(LTE) the speeds were 3-5 times faster an more consistant than Wimax and of course Sprint had to play catch up.

And now due to the "Spark Network" those of us with a M8 or S5 are S.O.L. until this gets resolved. I've had my M8 for 6 days and couldn't make or receive calls for 3 days and since then I can make a call but any and every call that last longer than 1 minute gets dropped. and internet HA! no facebooking for me unless it's on a wifi signal. The only way to get around this is to get a phone other than an M8 or S5.(although there are several other phones on Spark they work a little better because they were provisioned weeks and even months ago).

Now some M8s and S5s may be working because their provisioning commands made it through before everything went crazy but there are 100 of thousands of phones that did not.And this is only happening on Sprints network, other carries phones are working as designed.

For the recotd I'm not hating on Sprint I have had them for 15 years, I just wanted to let you all know what's going on.

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