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Widespread HTC One M8 Voice and Data Issues


Widespread HTC One M8 Voice and Data Issues

As many early adopters of the HTC One M8 are well aware, there are widespread issues with an early batch of this device as well as the S5 due to Sprint's hasty and premature launch of its Spark network. Many of the earlier devices were not provisioned correctly on the network. Because of this, many of the early spark-enabled devices have issues connecting to voice and data.

Here are several examples:

Am I the only one that has an awful experience with data??

HTC One M8 Data connectivity issues

Data issues with update 3.31.651.2

Re: This is why the HTC One M8 Doesn't work,

My HTC One M8, for example, is only able to make calls approximately 30% of the time, if that. I rarely am able to get a data connection. Basically, my device can only connect to wifi. This is absolutely unacceptable. I might also mention that I live very close the Sprint World Headquarters -- I am definitely in range of several towers. I have tried all of the usual garbage -- prl update, hard reset, firmware updates, etc. Nothing has helped. This is an issue with Sprint's useless Spark network.

Why did I not take advantage of the 14 day return period, you may ask?

Sprint launched the Spark network TWO DAYS after my return period was over. I immediately started having these issues when Spark launched. Naturally, I took my phone into a Sprint store to get this issue diagnosed. I was told it was a problem with a few of the towers I was using and that these towers would not be serviced for approximately three months. I decided to switch back to using my old phone while my new phone sat around collecting dust.

Meanwhile, in these forums, other users were having the same issue I was. All Sprint representatives could say is "We're sorry. We understand. We're working on a fix."

Regardless, I waited. It has been SIX MONTHS. The towers have been "fixed", but my phone STILL DOESN'T WORK.

What gives?

For months this has been an issue, but all sprint has been able to provide is "we're working on a fix." After SIX MONTHS, where is this promised fix?

I paid for (and used my upgrade on) a brand new $600 phone that has been nothing but a useless brick.

Do not ask me for my location. As I have said, this is a widespread issue and my location and the towers I am using are irrelevant.

Do not apologize to me.

Do not tell me you understand my frustration.

All I want is the working phone and service that I paid for.

Sprint needs to acknowledge and take responsibility for this issue like a respectable company.

If I don't receive a functioning device, free-of-charge, I am done with Sprint.

Have a nice day.

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