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HTC One M9 Case Options - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


I have to have a case to protect my HTC One M9 because I often forget that I have it in my lap when I get out of my truck. I received a Spigen Slim Armor case when I got my HTC One M9 and have had it for several weeks. My Spigen case has already saved my phone several times after falling out of my truck. One of the things I really like about my Spigen case other than the protection it provides, is the kickstand. I use the kickstand to watch movies on my phone and my daughters enjoy it to prop my phone up to watch a show on too.

Here is a short video installing both a HTC Dot View and my Spigen case:

The HTC Dot View case is a really cool case with some interesting features. The case will provide notifications with flip closed along with the ability to answer any calls coming in. I like the theme options and did not go into it to much in the video.

DV settings.PNG

Access the Dot View settings to make changes to how you want to view things on your Dot View case.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Personalize
  3. Tap HTC Dot View

Here you will have options for Settings, Apps and Themes.


There are several themes to select from or create your own. More information on HTC located here.

After trying out both cases, I have decided to stay with my Spigen Slim Armor because of the kickstand and how it has protected my HTC One M9 already. The HTC Dot View case adds a extra layer of protections with the flip screen, although I would have to open it for selfies and keep it open for taking other pictures. For me, the main take away it taking pictures and I take a lot of my 2 daughters growing up.


Visit a Sprint store and check out the HTC One M9 and check out the case options while you're there.



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