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HTC One M9: Dot View : Sprint Product Ambassadors


The new Dot View case has improved on the previous iteration. The flip cover now stays open and closed. It covers all edges of the phone, and gives the user of the HTC the piece of mind of having a good case that doesn't take away from the aesthetics of the phone it self. The number plus of the case is that it allows you to show off that premium backside of the phone. The Dotview case has its own themes, apps and games. To take full advantage of the case, you the user should install HTC Dot Design and HTC Dot Breaker. The Dot View case also comes in a vast array of colors.

Dot Design lets you draw your own themes and display them once your close the front flap of the case. Let your M9 be your canvas by turning your own pictures from your gallery into pixelated Masterpieces. Become Jackson Pollack reincarnated.

After you have customized the look of the phone, it is now time to turn back to clock and play a game that is really enjoyable.

Boom beach, clash of clans, and so many other games are out on the market. However for a child of the early 90's I am quite nostalgic for the old school games. I remember when I got my first cell phone which was a Nokia. The style of the phone never changed for years. The most enjoyable and only apps on the phone were a pong style game and snake. Hour upon hours of fun in my opinion.

Dot breaker is a throw back app that can be played using your dot view case on the HTC One M9. Many of todays mobile games have a shelf life of a few weeks. I pay the 99 cents, play the game for 1 or 2 weeks and never use it again. I get bored with it, Dot Breaker isnt like that. I am able to pull the phone out at any time and with only the use of one hand am able to play the game and enjoy it. I find this to be an excellent reason to purchase the dot view case for your HTC One M9.



Stanny George