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HTC One M9: Lets Make a Theme - Sprint Product Ambassadors -

Sprint Product Ambassador

HTC One M9 - Lets Make a Theme


So you have this awesome new phone and your just not happy with the standard theme on the device. Good news you're HTC one M9 device comes with a whole Theme kit built right into the OS. No more searching for a picture online or looking for that icon that matches what you have on your device. With HTC's theme program you can take an ordinary picture and create a whole theme from it. Themes include of course the background, texture/color palettes, icon choices, sound options and font style.

Access the theme options by through settings: personalize: Change or edit theme. in this section you have a couple of choices. You can choose a pre-made theme made by HTC or search through a catalog of themes uploaded by users for use by everyone. If you are like me you may want to make your own custom theme through HTC's simple process.

At the top of the screen there is a PLUS sign. Select this option and you will be brought to this screen where you can make your selection of background choice via your gallery, camera or photos. Once chosen you will be brought to the style section. Here is where you will choose the style that fits your theme. These are quick selections that include automatically selected color palettes, fonts, and tones. Further editing will be done once you make the basic choices. Me, I'm starting off with the Kawaii style.

Screenshot_2015-04-14-09-50-17.png Screenshot_2015-04-14-09-50-36.png

Once chosen you can either hit next and take the standard setup or go further into the editing of the style. I chose to edit the current theme. Here you get to dive down further into the style choice and manipulate the textures and colors, icon choices, sounds for the theme and font style.


The first option is the Other Wallpapers option. You can keep the one you chose and that will be the background for all the screens including the lock screen. Your second option is to choose a particular background for each of the following the lock-screen, your messages application, and all application viewing section. Me, I decided to keep with what I already have and not change any of those screens.

The next section is the texture and color choice selection. Texture is the background to the image seen to the title and tab bars in HTC apps. You have 3 options. You can choose from a preset choices of backgrounds, create a background from your current image used for the background, or choose a completely different image to be uploaded and used for this section. I chose to create the texture background using my current image. The next option is to select your color palettes this is the color used to fill the background in the "blink feed" and background for the application viewing section.


In the next section we get to mess with the icon pack. Here you can choice the icons you want to have in your theme. You get 8 standard choices and of course you can always download more to use. I chose to use 1 of the 8 already on the device. Just like the title bar you can choose the texture applied to the icons. This includes the icons actual color used. The library includes a few well provided choices but I went a step further and pulled the texture straight from my wallpaper I am using. If you want to be even more creative you can upload another image just to be used within the icons.


After picking your style, colors and backgrounds for each section we are now giving 2 more choices. The standard sounds used in the theme and the font style. For the sounds you can choose what sound you want for the ringtone, notification and alarms. The choices of sounds are those already on the device but if you have a specific sound you can easily add it by selecting the "PLUS" sign. You will be brought to all the music/sound tracks on the phone. Here you can choose a track and use it or even trim a song down to a part you like and use that as a sound. You can do this for all 3 options. In the final section you choose the Font style. HTC gives you some samples but if you want more choices you will need to download more.

Screenshot_2015-04-14-09-52-52.png Screenshot_2015-04-14-09-53-01.png

Overall this process was a great experience. Making a theme was simple to do. Themes can be created by even the basic user or if you are adventurous can be created with more advanced changes and features. If you have the M9 I suggest giving this option a try I'm sure you will begin to make multiple themes to be used.



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