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Interruptions & Notification Reminder - Sprint Product Ambassadors


Have you ever been in the middle of something and someone will text or email you but because you are so busy you don't see the message until later?

Here's how to set up Interruptions and Notification Reminders on the HTC One M9. This feature is not specific to the M9 as it's a lollipop feature but it's one that comes in handy no matter what device you are on.

I have found that this is an invaluable service especially if you are someone who's in a lot of meetings or situations where you can't always look at your device when notifications come thru.

To setup a Notification Reminder goto Settings > Accessibility. From there you can enable it as well as set your selected Apps that you want reminders from as well as the frequency


It's a great feature to have the ability to get reminded that you have something possibly to respond to.


Having the ability to have this service is also great as it can allow you to "disconnect" BUT allow you to setup certain people who can get thru no matter what.

To set up Interruptions go to Settings > Sound and Notifications:


As you can see you a lot of options to set which really makes it nice when you are in the middle of something important and your device is ringing off the hook!

I am really enjoying these options!

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