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Never miss a picture again with Quick Launch Camera on HTC One M9 - Sprint product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador



This year the HTC One M9 has a new 20 megapixel camera for the rear facing camera with a Ultrapixel front facing camera. One of the features I like about my HTC One M9 are the Motion Gestures. They allow me to quickly access my phone by double tapping the screen, swipe right to access Blinkfeed and volume button down with the phone sideways to launch the camera. There are other Motion Gestures available through Settings > Display & gestures > Motion gestures. My focus will be on the quick launching option for the camera...


I need the camera to launch quickly to capture moments like this of my daughters picking wildflowers and offering them to me.... the ability to have the camera to launch very fast is important. Here are some screenshots of where to find the setting and it is defaulted to off....

Motion Launch.PNG

When the settings come ups the first demo for Motion Launch Gestures (MLW) is double tapping the screen, tap on number 6 for a demo of how MLW works to launch the camera App.

Check out a HTC One M9 at a Sprint store near you for Memorial weekend so that you do not miss that once in a lifetime picture!



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