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Protection for your HTC One M9 : Sprint Product Ambassador


HTC has provided the uh oh guarantee for their new flagship device, however that doesn't mean that you should not protect this awesome phone.

Even Roman soldiers wore armor into battle, so you should put something to cover your phone.

Many of us, my family included have butter fingers. My wife drops her phone on a regular basis, this is the number 1 reason for any type of case.

Spigen has come up with their Slim Armor case seen here.

The case offers great protection without adding a bunch of bulk to the device.

The slim armor is what the name advertises. In the past this would have been a trade off, yes we want the protection who wants to carry a brick in their pocket.

These cases have a kick stand, this is perfect for us parents when we go to resteraunts. In the past I would have propped up the phone against my glass of ice water only to see it slide down and fall on the table.

The Spigen Slim Armor allows the parent to bring up a cartoon (Ducktales or Darkwing Duck for me) prop the phone up and go about your business.

I know you have gotten that weird feeling when you've given your unprotected device to others, I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach just knowing that it is about to get dropped.

Since getting the case, I no longer get this feeling.

Get this case and you can have the feeling of security.



Stanny George