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Sprint HTC One unlock problems


Re: Sprint HTC One unlock problems

Thanks for the update. Keep in mind, the original problem was actually a result of attempting to unlock it too early. You have to have the phone at least 90 days before you are able to get it unlocked in this manner. Since the phone had barley come out when this question first originated, it was very unlikely anyone had the phone the time required.


Re: Sprint HTC One unlock problems

HEY GUYS!!! I think i may have a solution!!

Step 1: Call The International Services for Sprint.

Step 2: After they "unlock your phone," Reboot your device.
Step 3: Go Into Your Settings.

Step 4: Scroll all the way down to System Updates, and click on it.

Step 5: Click on UICC Unlock, and it should show "The Network is preparing your services..."

Step 6: Something should happen, but it should show you the confirmation, saying profile loaded, or something like that.

Step 7: Now, I do believe that Your phone should be, as sprint would call it, "Unlocked!"

Give a thanks if this helped, let me know your feedback! Good Luck


Re: Sprint HTC One unlock problems

Please explain the 90 day requirement? I purchased my HTC one completely, with no carrier subsidiarity. I paid full price for the phone, if that is the case why do I need to wait 90 days?


Re: Sprint HTC One unlock problems

thats for all the other versions of the htc one.

not the sprint one.

the sprint one requires a backdoor pushed update from sprint's unlocking team.


Re: Sprint HTC One unlock problems

hate to say it but if they did unlock it there is a code they would have given you to put into your phone on your end.


Re: Sprint HTC One unlock problems

I found that out today.  I was told that this was not going to be a problem when I paid to upgrade early to get this phone.


Re: Sprint HTC One unlock problems

How long have you guys had the phone activated under your account? If it's less then 90 days then it can't be done. Considering the phone just came out around April 19th, I'd be surprised anyone has had it for the required 90 days which would be around July 18th.


Re: Sprint HTC One unlock problems

I just got off the phone after getting bumped around for 30 minutes to find out that there is nothing they will do to unlock my phone.  I paid extra to upgrade to this phone so I could travel with it next week.  Now I'm out the upgrade money, cost of the phone and still need to buy another phone.

After 3 years of being with Sprint, this is the first time I have had less than great service from customer support.  The supervisor's supervisor I spoke with today was less than pleasant and acted like she really did not care if I dropped Sprint in favor of another provider.  She was very rude.

Now I really don't know what to do.  I haven't been this frustrated since I was with ATT and they had no problem unlocking my phones in the past.

Someone, please help!


Re: Sprint HTC One unlock problems

I did speak to the international department. I also was not given any code to enter and as far as I know there is nowhere to actually enter a code.

I was told to reboot my device after they did "whatever" on their end.

Took the phone out of the country and it still says simslot is locked.

I've spoken to Sprint a few times since then and a few reps said that it shows unlocked on their end and others said it was still locked. Today I got a call from the executive office and I sure hope they actually have a fix for this, though I highly doubt it.  I left them a message and am waiting to hear back from there.

So far there hasn't been one person who has confirmed there phone was properly unlocked by Sprint.

I am leaving to Europe again in 2 weeks and if I can't confirm the unlock has worked I will have to get rid of the phone and perhaps Sprint as well.

Verizon sells their phones with the sim slots unlocked for international use. Smart people.


Re: Sprint HTC One unlock problems


Thanks for the reply. As fireguy mentioned we do require the device to be on the account for 90 days before the SIM slot is unlocked for use of other sim cards. Along side that the account must be in good standing and not have an ASL (account spending limit) applied to the account.

It's possible someone from International attempted to push the request through however, there is an approval process for each request and if the account did not fit all of the above criteria it's likely the request was not accepted.

If you would like, I'm happy to take a look at your account to see what the notes say about the request. Feel free to send me your information via a Private Message. Please include phone number and account security PIN.

Thank you,