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HTC Bolt: Bought an Unlocked Phone Which Became SIMLock Enabled


HTC Bolt: Bought an Unlocked Phone Which Became SIMLock Enabled

[One Last Attempt for Help]

I bought an unlocked HTC Bolt that was unlocked and had SIMLock disabled (I can send an invoice if you need verification)... however, some configuration is now saying SIMLock Enabled for any SIM that I insert into the device.

I have contacted three US cell carriers for help with this issue, and basically they say it's someone else's issue:

-MetroPCS Customer Service:  I have an account with them, active phone, active SIM.  They say the phone is locked and to contact Sprint Customer Service to unlock it.

-Sprint Customer Service:  they asked for my IMEI and confirmed that the device was unlocked for global use (in their database).  However, they said that they were unable to help me and that I should get help from my provider.

-FreedomPop Customer Service:  they say yes the phone is not unlocked and that I should contact Sprint Customer Service.


It REALLY makes sense that this is a Sprint Customer Service issue.  However, you guys refused to help me over the phone.  I really need the SIMLock to be disabled.


Best Regards,

Jason Vergara


Re: HTC Bolt: Bought an Unlocked Phone Which Became SIMLock Enabled

I can understand how you are feeling not getting the run around and not getting any questions answered. I would be feeling the same way. When a unlocked device is purchased and you have a Sprint SIM card or any other carriers SIM card in the device, if you perform any kind of troubleshooting on the device with that SIM card in the phone, it will sometimes lock to that carrier. Examples: data profile update, or any ##_____# on phone. Did you have a Sprint SIM card in the device? I will send you a private message so I can get more information from you.

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