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HTC Bolt Final Review - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

HTC Bolt Final Review - Sprint Product Ambassador

htc bolt black.png

I have been using the HTC Bolt for several months and I have really enjoyed it. One of the things that stands out on the HTC Bolt for me is the 5.5" Quad HD display. The last couple of years most HTC phones have had a smaller screen and for watching videos and playing games the Bolt has been great for me. Adaptive 2.PNG



The Adaptive Sound on the HTC Bolt is another reason why I have enjoyed my Bolt. On those late nights when I am not able to sleep I plug in my HTC earbuds and watch a video or show on my Free Form app. Adaptive Sound improves the audio experience and earbuds allow me to enjoy my show and not disturb anyone.Case 1.jpg



My biggest challenge with the HTC Bolt was finding a case that I liked. I found a case listed on eBay as Astro Armor Impact Hybrid case that looked interesting and received it a week later. The case is well worth the $9 dollars I paid for it.Apps.PNG




For those who do not want to use the Google stock apps, HTC has several options for you in the Google Play Store. I downloaded the HTC Gallery, Calendar and Mail apps from HTC to replace the stock Google apps on my HTC Bolt. This is one of the things that makes this phone great is the ability to help personalize the phone.


Looking for more information on the HTC Bolt, please visit HTC Bolt or stop by a Sprint store to check the HTC Bolt.




Your Sprint Product Ambassador


Disclaimer: I am NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped or answered your question, PLEASE mark it as solved.
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