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HTC Bolt: First Impressions of a Diva

Sprint Product Ambassador

HTC Bolt: First Impressions of a Diva

Switching to a new manufacturer is always a bit like moving to a new home.  Nothing looks familiar until I start peeking into boxes, pulling out photos and coffee mugs and really making it my home.  As with my latest move, the new place is roomier with a better view and a nicer interior so I doubt I'll be home (phone?) sick for long.  Coming from my beloved Samsung S5 (leave her alone, she’s just a little old!), the HTC Bolt is a step up for me, going to 32GB onboard memory from 16 GB and a 8 MP front camera from 2.1.  Better selfies but at a $600 full device cost, the price point feels like a bargain.  As I pulled it out of the box, I definitely felt like I was movin' on up, but let's face it: I will probably be hitting the recent apps button instead of the back button for a couple weeks. 


Out of the box, this device is heavy but in a classy way; it's a reassuring weight, not awkward or unbalanced.  The dark metal and beveling of the case are, as a coworker who drooled over the Bolt this morning said, sexy.  The 5.5", 2560/1440 pixel display is crystal clear and delightfully sharp.


I spend time around kiddos and am a natural klutz; water-resistance and durability are important but come at a cost in this device.  Like the new iPhone, the Bolt has no 3.5mm headphone jack.  This creates something of a first-world crisis for me: however will I annoy my kids with Soft Rock Hits of the 80s while they’re trapped in my car?  My vehicle is not Bluetooth compatible for media, only calls, so I'll need to obtain a dongle adapter for my aux cord.


A quick Google search turned up rumors that HTC might be provide an adapter free of charge, so you know I went to the website immediately.  A friendly chat agent understood my need, created a ticket and assures me that an adapter will be shipped as soon as they become available (she estimated sometime in the next couple weeks).   If I just couldn’t wait, I could get one from Amazon but I don’t like spending money if the manufacturer is willing to assist.


I don’t quite trust storing my life on a cloud, so I must say, I’m relieved the Bolt has expandable memory.  Hooray, all my goofy memes and pictures of dogs will move right on over. Don't throw away your HTC packaging, there's a tool you'll need to pop open the microSD tray located on a card in your box.  Simply push the tool into the opening and the tray will eject.  Gently lay the card on the tray and replace.  Oh and put that tool someplace it won’t get lost immediately (come to think of it, I wonder where I put mine).


 The Bolt is a speedy charger, as promised and should last longer than my old phone as the battery packs an impressive 3200mAH.  I am the epitome of a social butterfly -- always on the phone-- I'll know soon enough if it holds up. Do remember, you will probably need to purchase a new car charger; the Bolt is strictly USB-C no MicroUSB compatibility without an adapter.


I love the customization features on the new Bolt: I very quickly and easily created a basic theme, including custom wallpaper, lock screen and icons.  Were I a bit more adventurous, I would have been able to download font, icon and ringer packs and use those instead. As a big fan of peer created launchers, I've been using other people's themes for a couple years and making my own tweaks to them here and there.  It was super fun to make my own - however simplistic- and it only took a couple of minutes.  Having made my first, I will definitely be going back to customize it even more. The theme?  Coffee, of course.


Out of the box, I’m loving this sexy, speedy, versatile device.  I’m on day 3 and have found something new to love each day.  I’ll cover some of the wonderful goodies I’ve discovered next time.



*I am a Sprint Product Ambassador.  My opinions are my own* 

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