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HTC Bolt Photo Finish - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

HTC Bolt Photo Finish - Sprint Product Ambassadors


The new HTC Bolt is a really good smart phone, it fits the narrative of the average person in today's age where the priorities of the individual have changed. HTC has always been known as a company whose phones have had a great design, and sturdy chassis, exceptional sound and very good pictures. I believe that HTC has put a check mark in each of these categories.

One of the aesthetic looks of the phone that I really like is the two strips on the top and bottom of the back of the device, when spotted it distinguishes the HTC to all other devices as well as seeing the company's Letters in the significant way it is etched out.

As a father of 3, the camera feature is what’s very important to me. To be able to capture the moments of my children’s lives are what really gravitate me to a device over others. Who has the time and ability to go grab a DSLR camera? The features on the camera are streamlined and make it easy for even a novice. The menu isn’t clunky like other devices, HTC doesn’t feel the need to overload the user with a vast array of options which let’s face it, many of us will never use. Changing the resolution of the camera doesn’t force you to go to another screen; you can do it within the Camera.
A feature that I used to love in previous models were the front facing speakers, HTC has ditched this to go to the traditional speakers. Some of the annoyance that I felt when I saw this was quickly dissipated when you realize that you don’t really use those functions. This isn’t the 80’s, I’m not walking around my neighborhood with a boom box, track suit, rope chain and Adidas. All we see around is headphones, whether wired or wireless. In my opinion this isn’t a feature that will be missed.


Thanks for reading!


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Re: HTC Bolt Photo Finish - Sprint Product Ambassadors

i use those speakers on a daily basis lol. lunch break Netflix watching or while grilling up dinner. those front facing speakers will be missed but i have a feeling they will be back with a vengeance at some point down the line again.
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