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New Features & Bugs in KitKat

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New Features & Bugs in KitKat

Well after downloading this is what I've noticed so far:

New Weather screen for stock weather widget

Battery Icon is now all white

Ability to turn off Blinkfeed

Can now add a 6th screen(If you include Blinkfeed)

New HTC Icons in App Drawer for Apps and Backup

New Drive Icon in App Drawer(Widget & Shortcut as well)

New Automatic Connections after tapping Mobile Data

...More, NFC, ON, Tap & Pay

Location has a new, Mode Button

Tapping Storage, make more space, has no finish button.

New Printing(Cloud) option under settings

What am I missing?

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New style Multitasking screen

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Stay Awake While Charging option in Developer Options

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i havent found a option for that either..possibly a 3rd party app can assist with this but nothing in the phones camera options.

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