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Themes: A Home in your Phone

Sprint Product Ambassador

Themes: A Home in your Phone

One of my favorite things the last few years of my Android experience have been playing with themes.  I've used Go Launcher for the last two years om my previous device, downloading new themes and icon packs from the Google Play store.  My new HTC Bolt takes my personalization abilities to the next level, allowing me to quickly and easily create my very own themes.  As I mentioned in my out of the box article, this was one of the first things I did on my new phone and it took less than five minutes to set up something fun and very me (COFFEE!!!)



I'm a bit tired of this theme; time for a new one.  I'll show you how to do your own along the way.


From the home screen of your BOLT long press and select Change Current Theme



You can browse for a new theme in the Recommended Themes page but we're creating our own, so click the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner



From the Home Wallpaper screen click Choose Wallpaper or Next.



You can choose a new wallpaper from any of the locations listed.  I've got mine saved in Photos. 



I'm a bit of a foodie.  Last time it was all about coffee but this time I need something creamier.  Richer… 


Ahhhh.... yessssss



If you select a picture that's formatted as a wallpaper, you can choose the location of your home screen relative inside the picture layout.  I'm good with roughly dead center. HTC picks a color pallet based on the colors found in your picture, but you can change it, in the next option screen: Style.


The style of your theme basically decides your icon shape, texture and look, your sound pack and font.  You can choose any of the preselected ones from HTC and leave it as it, or you can modify any to suit you.  I picked Calvin but made a few adjustments by clicking Edit


From the Edit Style window, choose any one of the sections to make changes.  Hit your back button when finished to save your changes.  


Other Wallpapers lets you set a unique background for both your lock screen and your App drawer.  If you're thinking I used more pictures of cheese for these, you would be correct.  I may need a snack after this, honestly.


In textures and colors, you can use one of those preselected, create one based off your wallpaper (the option I used) or create your own using pictures on your device as a base.  You can change your color palette in the same screen under the color tab.  Use a recommended palette or customize one just for you.  At any point you can preview what you've done.



Icons Sounds and Fonts each let you select from recommended packs or packs you've downloaded. When you're done, just click Preview.


Time to view the finished product and decide if you want to make the switch.  



Hmmm.. I like it!


Scroll through the screens.  Not happy?  You can make changes by tapping Back.  When you're content, click Finish, name your theme and decide if you want to apply it now.  If you're just not ready for change, or saving your theme for a special occasion(?????  Do people actually do that?), uncheck the box next to 'Apply this theme now' and the theme will be saved.


I say, live in the moment, apply your theme!




Mmmm…. Cheeeesy!



Did you make a theme?  I'd love to see it.  I'd also love to hear your thoughts about the Bolt.  Leave me a comment!


Credit to Full HD for the great cheese wall paper

**I am a Sprint Product Ambassador.  My opinions are my own**

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