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WiFi Calling for the HTC U11?

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WiFi Calling for the HTC U11?

So today is launch day of the HTC U11, wondering if anyone has gotten one yet and if so does Sprint have Wi-Fi calling enabled this time? My biggest gripe about the M10 is they could've enabled it but never did. Thanks for any info you can give.



any news on whether it will have wifi calling this go around or not?
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Re: HTC U11

Per my documentation the answer is yes, it should be WiFi calling capable. 


Edited: Confirmed. WiFi Calling is enabled for the U11 at launch.


Let us know how it goes.


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Re: HTC U11

Wifi calling problems have been addressed by software update  2.33.651.10.

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Re: WiFi Calling for the HTC U11?

Wifi calling was already available and still is.  I want Calling Plus which allows us to use our phone and surf the net at the same time the way we used to.  Sprint, please stop lagging behind other carriers.  


Re: WiFi Calling for the HTC U11?

Hello Mysticrvn!


As far as Calling Plus (or VoLTE in general), is definitely on Sprint’s road map to increase the number of Calling plus capable devices and also explore additional VoLTE options, but we have not announced a time frame, network updates are in progress to improve LTE coverage and capacity to be implemented as soon as possible.

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Re: WiFi Calling for the HTC U11?

Thank you so much for the reply.  I look forward to it.  



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