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the new android update ruined my Bluetooth!

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Re: the new android update ruined my Bluetooth!

Hi Mark, We should look at our cellphones as computers. By that thinking I have a laptop with windows 7 and I can connect to it easily with my phone. I recently bought a new computer with windows 8.1 and I am having trouble connecting to it. The reason is that we constantly upgrade our files on computers and cellphones. however, we don't usually update our cars bluetooth systems. Now we can have outdated bluetooth files on our cars. By upgrading to Lollipop we could newer and possibly incompatible files making the connection not operating correctly. It might be wise to contact a auto dealer and see if this can be upgraded. Also in my research I came across an app called bluetooth auto connect. The reviews were favorable. I found this app in the app store. maybe this can help. There are so many things tha can go wrong. Enough to make us crazy! LOL . Look into this. I would only like to help!


Re: the new android update ruined my Bluetooth!

HI RDK927,

thanks for your suggestion.  i tried the app you mentioned and it did not help. My phone disconnected several times. In fact the reconnection took longer with the app, then it did before I installed it. I'm uninstalling it.  Will wait until there is some solution or may need to upgrade my phone sometime in the future.


Re: the new android update ruined my Bluetooth!

Hi Mark, I am glad that you told me about the app not working. I did some research and it said that the bluetooth in you car is the one has to find the phone. I am not sure but like I stated in another post that with Lollipop you have an upgraded bluetooth files. the new files may be the problem. Maybe you could call an auto dealer just to find if the bluetooth in your car can be upgraded. If so I suspect that would be expensive. I don't think that lollipop is malfunctioning but rather need the appropriate files to make it work! You would need the bluetooth versions in the car and your phone. I will continue to research this issue.


Re: the new android update ruined my Bluetooth!

Factory reset didn't fix it. It only made me waste hours of having my phone and apps update. A huge waste of time.


Re: the new android update ruined my Bluetooth!


We are sorry that the factory reset did not fix your issue. Hopefully Google will come out with an update that will resolve this issue in the near future.

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