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Sprint Product Ambassador : In the friendly skies with the HK Soho II


During Thanksgiving week, I and my family went to Nashville and then on to Houston.

What better avenue to try out my new headphones, the sound quality and ofcourse the noise canceling option was something that needed to be tested out.

I didnt listen to any music, only podcasts. My go to podcast for the trip and my time in those two cites were .

The sound quality was supereb, this particular podcast has 15 year old recordings from detectives. I was able to hear everything crystal clear.

The headphones fit in your ear with ease and stay there, a problem that I have experience with other ear buds.

The feel of the buds are fantastic, I can keep them in for hours without having the annoying sometimes even painful feeling in your ear.

The noise canceling feature was fantastic, I was able to block out the surrounding children crying and even my own children (kidding about my kids, they are angels).

The choice in ear bunds offers differnet sizes allowing a good seal and thus canceling out all un needed noise.

So far I love the HK Soho II, it is a quality product offering superior sound.